Mobus is the exclusive Griffine leatherette dealer for the Benelux. Their fire-retardant, dirt-repellent characteristics make these fabrics perfectly well suited to the hospitality industry, the care sector and public buildings. That said, they are ideal for residential projects, too.


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  • Always everything in stock - own production and after-care
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Leatherette for the residential and project market

M1-M4 fire standards

Mobus leatherettes are certified to M1 through M4. Official bodies require specific fire standards that differ depending on the purpose:

  • The strictest M1 class applies to hospitals, care homes and public buildings..
  • M2 and M4 or FR are also accepted for hospitality projects.

Furthermore, the anti-bacteria leatherette is resistant to blood and urine staining.

Leatherette for every market

Our range comprises PVC and PU leatherette in various textures. We also offer fabrics for the auto industry and maritime applications. This leatherette is resistant to (salt)water and has a high UV value.

Proper maintenance is essential to keep the PVC supple. Be sure to contact us for more information or to make an appointment with our representative.